Grateful Dead & Guns n Roses

St Stephen ,,,estimated prophet ,,,Touch of Grey,,,fire on the mountain ,,,,uncle johns band,,,casey Jones ,,,friend of the devil,,,shakedown st civil war,,,live & let die,,,November rain,,,Don't cry,,,welcome to the jungle,,,,paradise city,,,,westerntaipan1978@outlook rattlesnake78 microdots78 liquidlsd25 caimanlizard7878 synysteropium78 adlercare78 Kingdom 4er the respectful bottles of morphine fuck cronic pain


  • Nobody Wierd Like Me,,,,TRUE men Don't kill Coyetes,,,Jungle man,,,police helicopter ,,,knock me down,,,Don't Forget Me,,,Midnight ,,,higher ground,,,i chould have lied ,,, Detroit ,,,go robot,,,suck my kiss,,,my lovely man,,,,by the way,,,fortune faded,,, otherside,,,scar tissue,,,death of ahh martin,,,,,strip my mind

  • Kitchener Memorial Auditorium Ontario Hockey Leauge Canada N2G1P6 -,,,,,,LSD25

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