Red Hot Chili Peppers

Save the Population ,,, This is the Place,,,Hey,,,Did i let you no,,,Californication,,,,Desecration Smile,,,,Warm Tape,,,My Friends ,,,Police Station ,,,Dani California ,,,Monarchy of Roses ,,,,Slow Cheatah,,,the zephyr song,,,,Dark Necessities,,Charlie ,,,Wet Sand ,,Dosed,,, The Getaway ,,, Under The Bridge ,,,pretty little ditty XOCA 08/30/59


  • Throw away yer television,,,,, sick love,,,feasting on the flowers,,,,naked in the rain,,,, encore,,,the hunter,,,,look around,,,torture me,,,we belive,,,animal bar,,,21st century,,, arcadium institution,,,,stadium arcadium,,,,creamation institution,,,warlocks,,,breaking the girl,,,,blood sugar sex magic,,,,,universally speaking,,,dajokeahhvitch

  • RHCP,,,,,Ozzy Osborne,,,,john frusciante ,,,,,nine inch nails,,,,rob zoombie

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