Without those regrets we never learn Mr.Blizzard.

Please allow us all a moment for dear Jack, May GOD bless & keep him in his mighty hands. Now what most dont understand, is that hard core drug & alcohol addiction is virtually not a "problem" for the wealthy, or well to do ,simply because theres never a shortage of money. With that said, i know kinda what thats like , at least for a few short years. Anyway , all i want to say is "dont beat yourself up Oz, it was the times, what the people wanted, & you pulled it off man,damn your tha fucking man Blizzard! & my first album was a vinal -Bark at tha moon. & im a fan before yiy were a "common" houshold name. I loved ya when alot of people -(parents) didnt. Way back when you were fighting that cout case where those mixed up kids parents were trying to sue you, they should have been ashamed of themselves, & i hope they fucking were! See, its bullshit like that trying to blame you for the death of their children, the shit you must have felt, Damn. Anyway ,im rambling, yeah im shot out, burnt out too OZ, but fuck it , rock & roll ! Cuz i am the OZZY generation , & your the king man, through all the trials, tribulation, good, bad, whatever, its past. Cant keep on hurting over sand thats already fallen through the hourglass. It only breeds more negativity. You all have had so much of that already, bless you all. So keep smiling! Positive feelings & energy are what you need, & screw the ones who dont think so! Keep smiling, keep laughing, enjoy each other ,& of coarse yourselves. You definately deserve it. & thank you OZZY, for years of childhood memories, ones that wander up when i drift back, when i hear "old L.A. tonight", or "you cant stop rock &roll" , or even "johny blade". Thanks Blizz, GOD bless you & yours. Yours very truly & die hard, Daniel Roberts, Covington ,Ga. OZZY rules!
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