Miscellaneous desbri

Hello Ozzy fans, I have some good news for all those people that have waited all these years. I found a video tape in my Father's attic of his house, and I am going to release it on my 50th birthday - August 19, 2018. It contains never before seen, miscellaneous footage from the first concert I attended at the ( Britt Brown / Henry Levitt / Kansas coliseum ) on February 27, 1982. I was only 12 years old and I like waited in line with my sister and some friends, at this concert for over four and a half hours. You should see all the people, and the incredible line of them waiting in the cold to see this madman!!! I forgot what I looked like 36 years ago and the video is remarkable. IT IS NOT FOR SALE, SO DON'T ENQUIRE. SOON ENOUGH IT WILL BE RELEASED OFFICIALLY THROUGH THE MADMAN'S MANAGEMENT.
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