Jeff Lynne

Has anybody noticed that Jeff Lynne from ELO has kicked out onetime Ozzy drummer Bev Bevan and replaced him with some totally unknown guy? Now that ELO is being inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame, Bev is boycotting the whole thing. I would be willing to bet Jeff Lynne (now calling the band "Jeff Lynne's ELO") has pulled some bully stunt to keep Bev from getting behind the drums where he belongs. I think this sucks! Is anybody with me? This absolutely stinks! If the R&R HOF doesn't support Bev, then I don't support Jeff Lynne, ELO or the R&R HOF, yah?


  • I knew Bev Bevan filled in for Bill Ward on Sabbath's Born Again Tour, and I used to like ELO .If he was in Ozzy's band at onetime I respect Bev Bevan even more. It sucks that Lynne seems to be holding some kind of grudge. Bev Bevan was the drummer for ELO that belongs in the Hall Of Fame. I don't know what the criteria is to get inducted, but it seems to be corrupted by industry elites. That being said, it obviously means a lot to the musicians who make it in. So yeah it sucks when band mates try and leave out founding members and a hired hand gets in.

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