Hello from Texas / My First Ozzy Concert

Hello, from Fort Worth, TX.
My first Ozzy concert was Aug 7th 1982. The event was called the Superbowl Of Rock And Roll. It was at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas Texas. August temperatures in Texas gets well into the 100's and Ozzy's set was in the hottest part of the day, at around four or five o'clock in the afternoon. with 80,000 + packed in the Cotton bowl, it was easily 115 - 120 degrees, and that's how we like it. At that show,, the band opened with Over The Mountain, and Mr. Crowley, then Ozzy took getting crazy to another level when he took off the wig he was wearing, and threw it into the crowd. They tore into Crazy Train and he performed the rest of the show with a shaved head. That is the hardest performance of Crazy Train I've ever seen or heard since. Revelation Mother Earth and Believer were also standout songs that day. That concert was the second to last show on the Diary Of A Madman Tour, and everyone there that summer day knew it was more about the person that was not there, than the actual people onstage.From the concert intro (Randy playing the classical guitar on "Diary Of A Madman"), the setlist, the production, and the stage was a celebration of his music, and friendship. In '82 Randy Rhoads style was new and was a very cutting edge way of playing. Not very many musicians could play like him. Brad Gillis could, and he helped them finish the tour with a lot of dignity.
chrissick 2017
Fort Worth, TX

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