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I'm old now and I didn't ever really know about Ozzy in the 80s. But after I started playing guitar I quickly learned about Ozzy and Randy. I was too late to see Randy. But I saw Ozzy in Texas in the late 90's. Ozzyfest. Pantera and Ozzy. He did his own set with Joe Holms. Then he did another full set with fucking BLACK SABBATH!!! I dont know how many gigs they had done before that night, but he started out a bit hoarse... and 20 songs later he was no worse. I mean the fact that he sings at that level WITHOUT EFFORT is already amazing enough. But to do it night after night like a factory worker and keep 100% of the enthusiasm and love... Ozzy. You are truly a gift to the world. I only wish more people could be like you. You have most definately made my life better. Thanks brother. Thankyou very much. Godspeed Ozzy Osbourne.


  • Sorry but I won't post again and I forgot to mention... I remember when the evangelists and media accused Ozzy of promoting suicide in the song Paranoid. They thought the words "I tell you to enjoy life I wish I could but it's too late"... were "I tell you to END YOUR LIFE.. I wish I could but it's too late". LOL that dont even make sense!! Ozzy has always had a wonderful messege for even the worst of us cynical fans. I dont want the world to change me either Ozzy :)

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