I watched a episode with you Ozzy on a late night talk show you were casting a fishing line in the streets of New York . Pretty Good if I do say so my self ,however I am better !! Yes I am a girl with a honey hole for fishing that is...I live east of Dallas in Terrell Texas and I know extending this invitation to Challenge you in a fish off , Well lets just say I am grasping at straws. We own 600 acres with several tanks for fishing its very private and so are we, we being my husband and myself. If by some wild stretch of my imagination It would be my honor to KICK YOUR ASS AT A BIG BASS FISH OFF. Nothing like fishing to clear ones mind. I will be in section 205 row HH seats 6 and 7 on September 7 2016.In case you'd like to acknowledge the Challenge if nothing else..
Erin Harlow Willingham
James D Willingham jr


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