The Question Of The Day

I don't know if everyone is avoiding this forum because of what's going on with Ozzy and Sharon? But I have so many unanswered questions about what these tabloid sites are posting.
1. Sharon found out about Ozzy's cheating on her by reading his e-mail. OK... So if Ozzy is supposedly dyslexic and has been quoted saying that he doesn't know how to use a computer, doesn't know or want anything to with computers, then how was he able to converse with his supposed mistress?
2. With the whole Ozzy was missing thing, it was stated that his kids were trying to call Ozzy and it kept going to voicemail. Was Ozzy once quoted he didn't have a cell phone, didn't know how to use a cell phone, and didn't want a cell phone. So if they were calling him and it was going to voicemail, that would mean that Ozzy has a cell phone.
I find it so odd that a man who at times seams like he couldn't wipe his own ass without help could some how be able to converse by e-mail to someone and keep up an "affair" when he seams like an.... Sorry Ozz. Idiot.
Could Ozzy maybe smarter than we think? Or has the tabloids feed us complete bullshit?


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