Vintage Ozzy Poster From Trick Or Treat (Blacklight Poster?)

I seriously need help figuring out just SOMETHING about this KICK ASS Ozzy poster from the 1986 metal/horror movie 'Trick Or Treat', I have been looking for one of these for YEARS!!!
Since 1999 to be exact, when I first got the internet. I've had no luck what so ever even finding another one, this is just a screen-shot from my widescreen copy of the film I have on DVD.
It looks like a blacklight poster to me, but I could be wrong. Has anyone else ever seen this? Can someone verify the exact year? What's it called exactly? And does anybody own one of these??
I'm starting to think it was only made for the movie or something.
Please let me know, any information would be greatly helpful,

Here is the link to the picture of the poster, I can't figure out how to post images on here, or if you even can:
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