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Well..I'm not even sure whether or not this situation is valid or if the fact that the song Iron Man came out with following a video that displays an image of a woman that seems to look somewhat like me. I believe that I may have met John Osbourne back in the early 1970's I'm not exactly sure. I was walking California that night and saw what I had believed was one of the newly developed schools back then and thought I could cut through it. Shortly realizing as I walked through the black gates that it wasn't a school and there was no possible way to cut through when I noticed...a 1968 Firebird convertible it had hydrolyics and that was what had caught my eye at first but a group of men hanging out in front. They saw me and tried to speak to me and I briefly responded back trying to make my way back. On my way out there were a few other tan men in the middle of the two gates that led to the street, so, paranoid, I walked back and ended up standing back in front of the Firebird looking around then to the right where the same group of men looking back at me and speaking to man with long blonde hair "No!" he gasped and plunged into the middle of them. Then making His way back to the front smiled and came up to me and suddenly I noticed who he was. I started to dance for Him and then all of them started to dance. ZZ Top's Sharp Dressed Man started playing then He started to dance with me. They played that song at least twice in a row that night. They ended up 86ing my white dress and I was left in nothing but my black panties by the end of the night...but I had an extra pair of clothes with me that night. By the way I'm 5'6" with freckles and dark brown hair and hazel eyes. After I got dressed, they asked me how old I was and I told them I was 17. We conversed a little, shared some laughs. As he came up next to me on the left side of that 1968 Firebird I noticed the tatoo on his left forearm and I shied away remembering suddenly of the responsibilities I had to devote to. As I made my way to leave early that next morning, he asked me if I'd like to out for pizza with him and we started to converse some more. He did end up telling that his name was John Osbourne and he was 22. I was very interested in Him, He is The Most Hansdome Man I've Ever Met! I walked away and about half way to the light he screamed "I Love You!" I decided to back shortly after, but when I arrived found there was nobody there...Not too long after I saw the video of Black Sabbath's Iron Man and thought he might have remembered me. I live in Rialto now but I think I drove by the place about two weeks ago..I guess it would be nice to know if I am crazy or not....?lol
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