Anything exiting about your Spring break?

AsylumAsylum Posts: 871
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Mine was pretty boring except for Thursday morning. That was pretty exciting. I got a spoon out of a drawer to eat breakfast, and walked backwards really fast for no reason. I then pulled a chair out to sit down, and literally fell straight onto my back. I didn't feel faint or lose balance, so that's when I was concerned. I'm sitting there eating, and I'm twitching and making this weird sound. My parents, of course, were concerned to the point where they took me to the ER to get a CT scan. Strangely enough, they came back and said nothing's wrong, and everything's normal. So I'm not sure what was going on, but thankfully it hasn't happened since then.

UPDATE: My dad thinks it's from not eating the night before. Both of my parents were somewhere else, and I had to make something myself, but I was busy on the internet, so I completely forgot. So that's a possibility.


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