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Ozzy, I would like to say that you are awesome, but I just saw a video of you saying you would NOT have made it to where you became without Randy. So, I would appreciate if you would show all you have of him and especially HONOR RANDY RHOADS THE WAY HE TRUELY DESERVERS!!! I love your wife Sharon, as she is on a daily show, The Talk! I only hope and wish you would give more kudos to Mr. Randy Rhoads!!!! I know him as a youngester growing up as I do you, but he had such a talent only the LORD ABOVE COULD GIVE A PERSON! PLEASE UNDERSTAND MY FONDNESS OF RANDY AND WHY. I ONLY HOPE YOU AND SHARON MAY RECEIVE MY OPIONION AND TAKE IT ALL IN. DO NOT NEED ANYTHING IN RETURN FROM YOU FOLKS, AS IM JUST A FAN. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, SINCERELY, JULIE KENNEDY. XOXO!!!


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    OZZY you and BlackSabba.th rocked the world. Glad to hear your still jamming together. SABBATH bloody SABBATH was killer. Saw your Diary of a Mad Man tour in Atlanta, GA. It was my first concert. That concert charged the way I thought about music. I also saw your concert a few days before Randy Roads moved on to the other side. He was the best guitarest ever and you put on the best shows. Look forward to your new album. Hope to see you in concert again.
    Your song,"See you on the other side" helps me with my memories of my bother that passed on in 2002. Thanks for the rock, Madman.
    Tim from Georgia.
  • Can it really be 30 years? after only seeing Randy play live a couple of times, the memory of his loss today still saddens us. On a brigher side, our kittens probably had their birthdays around today so we've turned into a celebration of his life. Long Live Randy.
  • Yes, Randy inspires me almost 30 years after his untimely passing. He will be sorely missed. I am sure it's only a matter of time before new footage shows up. It's out there somewhere. I'm sure of it...
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