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Black Sabbath have cancelled all but one of their reunion tour dates.

A statement on their official website explained that Tony Iommi's battle with lymphoma is responsible for the cancellations, though their appearance at Download Festival will continue as planned.

Instead, the tour dates will be rebranded with the new headliners Ozzy & Friends, with Zakk Wylde stepping into Iommi's shoes. Geezer Butler will continue on bass, and fans can expect appearances from the like of Slash and other special guests along the way.

The statement claims that Iommi is making excellent progress with his cancer treatment, and looks forward to getting back on the road with Black Sabbath.

The original band continues to record a new album with Rick Rubin, though original drummer Bill Ward remains an outsider.

Ward recently clarified his role on Facebook, making it clear that he has not quit the band but has rather declined to participate in the current reunion until a reasonable agreement can be offered. While his lawyers continue with negotiations, he adds that Tony, Ozzy and Geezer remain his lifelong friends and he still hopes for a positive outcome.

Whatever the result of the negotiations, it's starting to look like the Sabbath reunion is all but over. Sure, there will be a new record, and a festival appearance or two, but even if Ward comes to an agreement with the band, there will be little reunion left to partake in with Iommi's illness causing so many cancellations.


  • yep. it sux.
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    Knowing what little that I do, I know that Tony and Geezer are almost neigbours, and it would take them about one hour to drive home to their OWN beds, and at a guess, If Ozzy stops at his place, that too would be around one hours drive from DOWNLOAD.

    Funny thing is I used to work in Derby, and pass the Donnington race Circuit and Airport to and from home. Unlike us meer mortals, they will be waved through the traffic, where as it will probably take me one hour to get off the car park, and then one hour home!

    The one thing that the crowd must is simply this. There are TWO chants to start:



    The second one can be chanted even if Bill is on Drums where he should be!

    EACH of the originals should each get an EQUAL share, and then roll it down through the Royalties, unless they list the credits as BLACK SABBATH!

    At the first of the last Reunion Concerts at the Birmingham NEC (now the LG Areana) after Sabbath left the stage, the crowd started to chant the usual OZZY chant. An embaraced Ozzy came back onto the stage and changed it to SABBATH!

    So Yes I'm off to see them on the Sunday. I hope to meet up with friends I used to work with, and friends that I am currently working with, and these guys are GORDIES! Wey eye!

    So I hope to have a great day out and not get hassell from any idiot(s) who might turn out!

    I just want a brilliant day out, and see FOUR friends play together, olde and NEW material, so come on Geezer, Tony, Ozzy and Bill (alphabetical order) how about it, GIVE US the FANS what we all deserve, and you the comaradship that goes back eons!

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    Donnington Park, is a modest 30 miles each way for me. The hardest/longest part of the day will be getting on and off the site!
    Also I do not need a PASSPORT to get there. Mind you I must get mine renewed as the holiday season is steadilly approaching.
    Mind you one of my friends from Derby will park a a friends relatives and walk in! lucky boundy I say!
    So there will be a few geordies, Manac's, and I dare say a few MONKEY HANGERS! Got to be a local to understand that.
    The last thing any of us want to to be collared by some person or other you do not wish to be around! I just hope also that it does not rain, as we may all end up with Trench foot!
    So let us hope that BILL WARD is on his Drum Stool where he belomgs. So practice the chants!!!!!!!!!!11
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    Sad news, I could NOT get a ticket to the warm up gig at the Birmingham O2 what ever it is called.
    Some good news,is that Lennons Daughter, is seriously concidering coming to DOWNLOAD! Looks might I just MIGHT have some nice company, who has NEVER called me a F'ing USER!
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    Latest from Bill is that he is NOT being invited to participate in the Download Festival, games are still being played in terms of disrepecting the EQUAL PARTNERSHIP AND VALUE OF EACH OF THE FOUR ORIGINAL MEMBERS.

    WHAT THE F**********************

    I can't even believe this is happening. I mean, Ozzy KNOWS what vanity and being outed feels like. Tony is fighting lymphoma. does NOTHING RING BELLS HERE? This is HISTORY, FRIENDSHIP, MUTUAL RESPECT, and FOR THE FANS.

    Wow. How deeply sad that petty behaviors have to ruin what could have been EPIC.

    I am flying overseas just to watch what should NOT be called "BLACK SABBATH." Not without THE ORIGINAL 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ozzy spends such time going over and over that point, admitted to by Tony & Geezer & Bill & himself in "The Last Supper" in 1999...what on EARTH is going on????????????? or direct link
  • Black Sabbath"s fate lies in your hands
    We trust in you. Dont leave your friends
    Now raise your sword-its time to fight
    We"ll march together side by side
  • Hello, I doubt that Ozzy will see this post, but yesterday June 1st, my dad pasted away of liver failure and drowned due to fluid build up in his lungs. He died at age 50. He was a war hero and a hero to everyone he has come across in his life time. I dont think there is a stronger being mentally and physically than him. His favorite band happened to be 'Black Sabbath' and thought Ozzy was the shit, because he is. I'm not asking for anything but if you do see this, Ozzy, thank you for providing happiness and memories for our family. You would have liked him. You can contact me at, or anyone else who would like to know more about his life. Thank you
    -Daniel Snyder
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    Biorąc pod uwagę komentarze tutaj to jest bardzo oczywiste, że być może spożywany alkohol rozbity jakiejkolwiek logiki, że może kiedyś istniały w ubogim mózgu laika. Zdobądź życia ASJ.

    To Daniel Snyder: Sorry to hear about your fathers passing. Ozzy and Black Sabbath mean the world to me too. Best of luck healing your heart my friend, and carry on...
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