Ozzy at Azkena Rock Festival, Vitoria-Spain

Hi Ozzy,
i´m a fan of you since a long time. I am proud of being a real fan of you lifestyle and your lessons in life. Your image, personality and music gave my a powerfull way to believe in me. You inspired me with your wisdom and i have you deeply in my heart. I never forget you althought you are getting older. You are always in my heart, dear master, dear friend.

Last year, in 2011 you visited my town, Vitoria and i saw you in action. It was a dream come true for me. I was there waching and earing you and your band. It was like i was flying in the space, you make me happy and i´d never forget it.
Today i have known that you will be here again this summer, with Zack and Gezzer. To know this has make me real happy again. I can believe this and i´d like to thank you for coming again. I will be there in the first line at the stage to whatch you and record it deep in my soul.

I love you Ozzy, thank for living and give us hope.
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