Like that ^_^

Hello OZZ, I wished, before leaving (or you), to say to you, that you are an alive legend, as there is not any more.
You have an extraordinary parcour, of Paranoide to now, you knew how to surround yourself with excellent musicians (especially guitarists), I think of RR, you are a crazy, outstanding, but I'm fan of you.
I am 54 years old, I am French (you know, cheeses which stink) but I don't give a damn, because the French people know how to apprecier the talent, and I think that you there in left fact.
I hope that you will read this message.

Long life to you, Ozzy, a Frenchman

Forgive I, for the translation, because I am not an expert in foreign languages.

William ,the Frenchy ^_^ ^_^
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