This guy should do an album with Metallica

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  • lol
  • yes ozzy should do an album with metallica

  • Maybe in 1989, cause there last good album was justice, so yes im saying it the self titled black album or dubbed enter sandman album, sucks donkey dicks, as does every attempted album they have dine since including hardwired
    James cant sing worth a fuck yeah yeahhh.
    Lars is a total douch bag, that has gone soft since the justice album ( do your research lars himself has said it) stating he hates playing anything from justice because it wears him out awwww poor baby drummer.
    Hammet has been stale for over a decade his riffs suck and hasn't come up with a decent solo since 1988.
    Robert is the only thing i respect from today's Metallica coming from suicidel tendacies, infectious grooves and the oz man's band.
  • And i like to add bob rock is a 80s glam pop rock has been.
    He never has and never will belong in metal.
    Lets not forget metallica started out thrash metal, bob rock has no business producing metallica, bob prick, and james failing vocal ability killed Metallica. I remember what it sounded like when dave mustaine was in the band and kirk was working on exodus that being said all hail the mighty Burton us true fans have not and will not forget you, rip and rock on forever,
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