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Some of you OZNOIDS, may have heard via Face book, and a lucky few on Skype.
I arrived home from work, booted up, and found the dreaded message, that I knew was probably on the way, but did not want to hear.
A true OZZY fan and friend, had lost his fight for life. I never knew what was wrong with Bill, BUT I was aware that he was ill. He even told me that.
So Please spare a thought, a prayer, or what ever for dear olde OZZIEN82.
There is a Facebook page dedicated to him, so if you are interested and want to say a few kind words look up William Keller or Eddie Irons
RIP BILL, I know that we never actually met, BUT like many others I will Miss him


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    For those who are really interested just look for "RIP William Keller aka Eddie Irons". He fought his battle, with the evil affliction called Cancer, and passed peacefully away at home with his family around him. R I P Bill, you will be missed
  • a true metal brother for ever u will be missed , R.I.P
  • R.I.P. 82..see you on the other side dude.
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    The facebook page tribute to Bill continues to roll on and on. What worries me is that Bill had 15 friends on this site, and only three have responded to this missive. I know that another 3 who were blocked on the revamp of this site HAVE paid their tribute on Facebook, so where are the rest of you!
  • Jesus, Really?
    I'm sorry to hear.
    In fact, I've signed in for the first time in years just to post this.
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    Cheers 81. It was a shock to most of us. I knew that he was ill, but NOT that bad. RIP Bill, see you on the other side
  • Andy JAndy J Posts: 2,654
    Still Missing you Eddie

    I know that you support the cause to Knight Ozzy, and you are still guiding us to that end!

    Sleep in Peace
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