Ozzfest 2012: Will there be one? Who do you want to see?

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I've read some gossip in rock news that Black Sabbath, Metallica, and Slipknot are possibly going to tour together in the US. Some say that it is why the US tour dates are not being released yet.

Any thoughts on that, on the last Ozzfest lineup, and on who you think would be awesome to see if they do have one?


  • I just wish Ozzfest would come back to Canada, and yeah those bands would kick ass, but i'd also love to see BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, WEST OF HELL, OMEGA CROM, JUDAS PRIEST, KREATOR, DIMMU BORGIR, AND too many others too list.
    I would also love the great Ozzman to reunite with the amazing ZAKK WYLDE, i think that would kick total ass, what about you?
  • I like Black Label - and Zakk on his own. So, no, I would not want to see them reunite. But that's because with each on their own I get 2x the music. I love them both you see! That's not a slur on either one. Its' a big huge compliment to 2 men I love ALOT! =0).

    I don't know about the Slipknot thing. I like them, they're definitely talented, but I am not really a diehard with their music. Also? I didn't like the show 2 years ago too much beyond Ozzy, Halford, BLS, and Drowning Pool. The really hard bands were not my cup of tea. My teen son and his 2 friends (teens, all) said the death metal bands "sucked" (lol). And he listens to the stuff. They enjoyed their first mosh pit at Ozzfest though so it wasn't all bad.

    I really like Godsmack. Except their latest kinda stunk (The Oracle or whatever). So did Sully Erna's solo album. Yuk! =0P Mastadon is talented. So is Hatebreed. I like Alice in Chains, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Radiohead, The Foo Fighters.

    I like Techno and Rap too. Chris Brown, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj are good.

    Why not?

    I like all kinds of music. Bands (and therefore fans) from across the layers of music instead of just hard rock/metal would be nice.

    It would be awesome if some top musicians like Ozzy and Halford and Zakk and James could brainstorm bands THEY listen to and invite them. Or, have people submit suggestions in different categories, so some less "known" bands rise up in the mix for consideration.

    =0). I know. Right. Un-hmm! But it could be TONS of fun. Especially if they make a weekend fest of it (no camping, just 3 days of bands. Friday night, all day Saturday, and until 8PM Sunday.
  • And? I LOVE Metallica. So that would be the shitz.

    Frankly? I enjoy Halford solo MUCH more then Priest. He's way better with his new music then playing "the oldies" ad nauseum for 30 years.

    Same thing with Sabbath. I really hope this tour they put on a show like they used to. Playing their albums that they've released, and a couple other songs.

    No offense - but I want to see them play NEW MATERIAL! Big time!
  • Let me clarify:

    "Same thing with Sabbath. I really hope this tour they put on a show like they used to. Playing their albums that they've released, and a couple other songs."

    By that I mean playing their new album (singular) and a couple classics mixed in. Only having 1 or 2 songs from the new album will SUCK!

    Ozzy's Scream album is beloved. But he only played 1 song from it. =0(. Everyone loves the album and wanted to hear it performed live.

    If he could do a set on a weekend blitz with his own band, and have Zakk onstage for a couple songs? And have Jerry Cantrel onstage for some Under Cover songs? And maybe some 'Tallica jams in with Sabbath? Wow. That would be VERY cool!
  • With some obvious exceptions, the past few OzzFests have been very... meh...
    I think, with a break last year, it needs to go back to formula. I mean 2 proper stages, with Second Stage being for rising stars in the Metal/Rock World and Headlined by an established band that does well on an intimate stage (i.e. Rob Zombie, Slipknot, HIM). The Main Stage needs to be revitalized. I'd like to see the Headliners be Black Sabbath or Ozzy and supported by other great, established bands that have a history of incredible stage shows (again, Rob Zombie and Slipknot come to mind as perfect examples, as does Marilyn Manson).
    The problem is, though, a lot of bands that would help to rejuvinate OzzFest are busy during the summer. Rob Zombie has his "Lords of Salem" film coming, as well as a potential tour. Slipknot and Slayer are busy with the Mayhem Tour. Marilyn Manson will (most likely) be doing his own thing this summer to promote Born Villain. Who does this leave?

    Well, HIM is a favorite of Ozzy himself, and an obvious choice to headline Second Stage. They could realistically have a spot on Main Stage, but they perform much better in the intimate settings that the Second Stage present. They are working on a follow-up to Screamworks, so a summer tour to begin promotion for that is a very real possibility.

    Guns N Roses is a clear choice to co-headline Main Stage. As of right now, they have no summer plans, and with the HOF induction stirring-up rumors of a proper reunion, what better stage than OzzFest to re-introduce themselves to the Metal/Rock Community?

    Judas Priest is another band that comes to mind. Although they seem to have the early-summer planned out, OzzFest seems to begin later in the summer every year.

    MSI is another incredible band that could easily headline Second Stage, or secure a spot on Main Stage. They're always entertaining and have a very devout following. They do have a spring tour lined-up, but nothing for the summer... yet.

    Linkin Park could easily grab a spot on Main Stage (if not co-headline). With no new LPs released since 2010's A Thousand Suns, they seem like a stretch. But, I think they've entered the part of their career where they could tour with the impressive library of tracks, and nobody would say boo about it.

    What about Eminem? Yeah, he's a rapper, I got that. But he really would grab attention as a choice, wouldn't he? And, metal-heads seem to dig him (well, my metal-head friends). He's a talented artist who has always seemed like a rock star in a rapper's world. While he hasn't released anything since Recover in 2010, he's known for touring just because... well... he's Eminem. I think it's a long-shot, but not out of the realm of possibility.

    The point I guess I'm trying to make is that OzzFest needs to be given the ever-popular "reboot." Yes, traditional acts would suffice, they need to throw in some "left-fielders" to grab the attention of their waning audience.
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    Are they going to have it anymore? I hoped they would this year...I was going to get married there two years ago and had plans with the same man this year but..not anymore.. lol But I would LOVE to see them in concert. I've never gotten the chance to see any of his live performances. Don't they sell VIP Meet and Greet tickets in April anyhow?
  • When are you coming to México?We need you
  • Yngwie Malmsteen and Buddy Rich should play at an upcoming Ozzfest!
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