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helppppppppppppppppp this site is confusing meeeeeee


  • Andy JAndy J Posts: 2,654
    not really
  • Andy JAndy J Posts: 2,654
    not really
  • hello andy j i am mutant , i like your bear pic , very interesting :)
  • Andy JAndy J Posts: 2,654
    The bear has traveled ALL OVER, BUT sadlly they do not produce these cute little bears anymore! You might find one on Ebay, Amazon, etc.

    The site can be confusing, as since they UPRATED IT, it has gone backward and not forwards. It to me is like groundhog day when you post! I wish that i could find a short cut back to the message boards!
  • yes this site is lame , if it wasnt for it being ozzy's site would we even bother
  • I agree mutant they should make it easier to go back and forth between pages.
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    I love you Ozzy! I love how you fought the pig! Watching the Miracle Man video and some of your concert videos are a blast! You are a great man! This will sound completely absurd but you must read it all, I had a past life, where I made you and many others, but my Dad (I made you as a clone, so he isn't REALLY your Dad), won my power when I showed him earth and plans, he couldn't understand love and therefore we are all doomed unless he gets it together (I left sands of time, he can literally re-write everything and even change himself to remove the memories of bad things he has done, to save us all! It is all up to him now, I have given and done everything I can for him, and all I recieved is months of torture (mind manipulation, voices, etc. etc., I am just about done here). Good luck! Love always, your bro, Chris Dugan / JC
  • If you want proof, listen to any music, even your own. It sounds different every time you listen. CD's, tapes, computers, none of it is real, its magic!
  • ** Disclosure is Require'D **
    ^Open Record(s) Act ~N~ Freedom of Information Act ^
    1st A Bab ;)

    This is the Oh Yea... P.S. or is it B.S......? Anywayz, if ya Don't think I "Got" something ta "Say"
    A ?

    Blow this one Off~ o|^_^|o

    Below is the electronic trail (Digits) of why I wanna contact a "Few" & Am Very Serious about it. I did not reach Alex, (YET) the Em was returned "Bounce'd~Back" just like Alex has & more are to follow. This I hope confirm(s) my intent & prove I am going to say what I "FeeL" & with a "Few" ~some help.... "Wellse"

    L@@K Forward ta Hear'n Bak from ya,



    I remember your case & why I have your guestbook ema, here(s) the Fact(s) of "Falseness & Fraud in Oklahoma State Court(s) Open Record(s) Act......
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    10108 Albert Lane Yukon, OK. 73099-8301 (Lost Property)
    Canadian County, El Reno, OK. Court Record(s)
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    over (20) lawyers involved, (3) Gal(s), Paid Witness(s), Sold-out by Atty, Ect... (Also see State Sup Court Records) in Oklahoma County.
    Open Records Act + this Digital Authorized Signature Email sent by me (Charles M. Winnicki II) or
    The reason I contact you,
    Im sure you have better access n connections to Please forward this email to both Katie & Tom to review & know my X (Shelly Sanders, remarried to Chad Sanders, brother of recent elected Oklahoma State Senator Sanders) probally won't allow any contact with "Katty" my now (17) yo Daughter "Katty" Katheryn Elizabeth Winnicki, Kingfisher, OK can't wait to be (18) & has a ^Story^ for Both Tom & Katie as to "Custody".
    I'm "Free" to assist your "Staff" in any research required. I don't want a singe thing, except...Both Katie & Tom contact'd to consider a 50/50 Custody, even if the Child has to switch schools each year of arrangement(s). Id hate to Hear/See their Daughter have to go thru what mine has ~ is till 1 Nov 2013.

    ----- Forwarded Message -----
    From: Charles Winnicki
    To: ""
    Sent: Sunday, July 1, 2012 12:27 PM
    Subject: Fw: Your seat on Barack's bus ~ Ma'm...Kewl !

    This was a reply to an automated email system: No Disrespect was intended, if you readit, u will know the intent.

    ----- Forwarded Message -----
    From: ~Charles~
    Sent: Saturday, June 30, 2012 9:26 PM
    Subject: Re: Your seat on Barack's bus ~ Ma'm...Kewl !

    The 18-27 yo'z (I've talked to various-type(s) over the last <4> yrs), R soo "Non-Political", R not able to Vote (Law Rstriction(s) due to various "Felonies or State(s)" Record/court(s), All kinds of Exuse(s) ~ Reason(S) & type(s) of issue(s), that "Prevent'd" from Being Legal to Vote, Some only "Know" what's taken outta their "Paychecks" & Don't see Any "Benefits" (hands~on) or Any Importance to/of "Their~Future" as they are living nowadayz with;
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    Please Forward/Reply as to the cost & Let'z get tat chat'n.....
    Charles M. Winnicki II (Msg/Ret/Dsbd/Veteran (7 Feb) E. Lansing, Michigan
    5510 N. Tulsa Ave. (USA~State Address)
    Oklahoma City, OK. 73112.2170

    ----- Forwarded Message -----
    From: Accounting
    Sent: Tuesday, July 3, 2012 9:19 AM
    Subject: [TrackingSoft #145641] Re: My .02


    Thank you for contacting TrackingSoft. A new ticket has been created for this matter and a member of our customer care team will contact you as soon as possible. Please include the string [TrackingSoft #145641] in the subject line of all future correspondence about this issue, which can be done by replying to this message.

    Thank you,
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    Vet4er :)
  • OMG Ozzy if you ever get tired of Mrs Osbourne..... I want ya :)

    srsly I am listening to your albums as i sit in my library.... the evil exudes from every guitar chord played.... im in my heaven
  • I believe that the powers that be are more interested in how pretty this site looks than it's functionality.
  • Hi my name is Victorya just joined this site. I just wanted to give some much deserved praise to Ozzy. My 12 year old son has stage 3 Lymphoma and just got out of the hospital from being in there for nearly 3 weeks with pneumonia and an infection. We nearly lost him. It was of course a very difficult time for him nothing much to look forward to he thought. But then one of the workers came in and asked if he could have a celebrity sign a baseball cap for him who would he choose. First thing out of his mouth was Ozzy Osbourne! We raised him listening to his music and he absolutely loves him. We didn't really expect anything the nurse said it's a chance they may be able to get it done. Well just the day before we brought him home they came in with a gift bag and gave it to him. He pulled out a baseball hat signed by none other than Ozzy himself!!! The smile on my son's face was one I had not seen in a very long time. I cried seeing that smile. I just want to thank you Ozzy from the bottom of my heart you made my little boy's dream come true that day. To show that you cared and did something for him really meant something special to him. You are a wonderful person. Much love to you.
  • Thanks for "God Is Dead?" ! You rock Ozzy! Now listen to Ozzmosis in reverse again. By the way, if the story he gave me is actually true, I wouldn't worry, everything's a puzzle that unraveled itself and fits just right, and I'm like 99% sure there is copies of myself is above him right now watching waiting for the right time to take revenge. Every song I've ever heard up until a year ago was made by me, every last one, including yours, idc if you don't believe, I don't blame you, but at least you found what to look for.... Perry Mason.... no, but close, he used to sell Reverse Osmosis (water filters... now he lives on the west coast), why don't you go question him, or send someone? Pick me up on the way if you want. Or send me an email... Enjoy the tour man ! :-)

    I heard "god" lives right here in Canada, bought a house in Nanaimo, pedophile capital of Canada. Anyway, rock on! WE are all innocent!!!!
  • Oz my I.d. is Jessica Lynn Richards frankly since day one I been molested and abuse never actually stopped I have spent a life like that in school under a spell with underdeveloped mind life in prison suicide all kinds of ways anyways I could go on shit from the front or back it don't matter I wanted to get job in morgue doing clothes make up hair jewelry but come across a problem I have been dismembered eyes taken out skull watched myself be a toy puppetere I am connected my brain chemistry acceptable yet emotion fucked as well god you all can be a fucked joke. Love and blessings stay real to your soul.
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