Happy 2012!

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What's your New Year's resolution? I don't have one.


  • LOL. Like that pic. I started my year out getting a blessing from a medicine man. Very beautiful ceremony.

    Not sure I have a resolution. Never have really made them. A goal is to pay my house off so I don't have all this pressure. In 11 years though if all my payments had counted it would have been paid off. Instead, I only "netted" a reduction of $30K, with another $200K to go. Can't believe how much the banks make. Multiply that by the number of homeowners out there and it's a bundle. That's for damned sure.
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  • The year 2014 begins so that we ozzy fan`s drink booze, listen to ozzy´s music and love each other, peace to the world , by sage in finland
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