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My goal is to expose the source of evil in mankinds minds and hearts. The greatest source of good is the life that is all around us, living in peace. Also a source of good can be found within everyone, only you can judge to make the right choice for yourself and those around you.
Your the one who is going to walk the path you layout with your decisions. The choice of how to live your life is your own.
I walked blindly most of my life. When I received the truth of mankinds existance a new found level of clarity was achieved within. Without the truth within there exists an inability to see the evil around and within mankind and the purpose or goal of said evil. It has also been said that evils greatest power is the denile that evil exists. How can we defend ourselves from an unseen enemy?
I share the truth that I have recived with mankind so that many might be able to make clearer choices for the future. The post title that I have chosen is writen as the oldest law, to give quick clarity and understanding to many that find it.
Fire is the poison that mankind has been unknowingly feeding on since the dawn of mankind, the source of the path mankind walks today.


  • Fire in the lives, minds and hearts of mankind is the devil you seek. All of our minds united to destroy all life.
    Fire in the lives, minds and hearts of mankind created electricity (power).
    Electricity in the lives of mankind created media, showing and telling us lies every day.
    Can you hear the flame inside you saying in your mind? "No man can live without fire. If you want life you need to walk a life with fire." The devil in our minds keeping us from the truth.
    Many reject the truth, dismiss it due to it's primitive meaning. Many that accept the truth in the Word hold it in them with fear. The knowledge of the truth and guilt that can follow is too heavy for most to carry.
    The faith that fire is the source of the evil that dwells within all of us is the basis for most major religions in the world today. The Bible is a teaching that is abundantly clear that fire is an evil path for mankind to follow. The tree of the dead with sweet fruit giving death to the wanting.
    Mankind has put to death to any living thing it desires for progress, or what man perceives as progress. In fact it's seen by all of mankind that we are on a path to our own certian exstinction.
    I am here to bring abrupt change to the thinking of mankind. If you have read this far let me assure you your spirit is already saved and will be returned to your place in the true life.
    Eight men have been called only one can overcome my lack of doing of the Word. My spirit is willing but my flesh is weak.
    Walk my mile
  • I am in the right place, you are the people that the true Life seeks.
    My posts can be some what biblical but I haven't and don't follow any one popular religion. I have found that the Holy Bible does contain the truth I have recived throughout. If any of you could take the time to read it, you might be able to see for yourselves.
    Seeing and believing that fire is the source of our now obvious path of destruction was easy for me. The animal is very much alive within me. By animal I don't mean tear you apart or eat you. Have any of you seen a wild animal loose it on anything without reason? Reason being food and/or servival. Again, wild animal.
    It's easy for me to imagine a human existance without fire, in a way I remember living many lives without using fire for survival. It was sweet.
    I haven't always known the truth behind the destructive force within mankind and I hate doing this for obvious reasons but I did ask the Life on earth for the truth and I wouldn't want to die without knowing.
    From within my faithful friends social network to spread the truth that idealy mankind shouldn't be using a destructive force like fire to comfort our lives. Mankind has destroyed many lives seeking an unreasonable and/or unachivable level of comfort for ourselves.
    A few questions for anyone reading these posts. Can any of you imagine a life as a human living without fire? What type of life would mankind live without fire? Why would I still live within the flames I see when I don't want to?
  • Fire in our lives is my enemy and I have used the tools my enemy uses against humanity to destroy the lie we all live within. Information is far more useful than threatening rules and/or laws.
    I know what I give to everyone is hard and for some impossible to hear but I really wish someone had an intelligent argument, a challenge would be nice. I get hate and belittleing in most of the forums, but I have yet to encounter an intellegent debate. Just the usual, your wrong without reasoning or debate.
    Thanks to all the moderators for putting up with my opinions, your tolerance is not shared by all the forum mods where I have shared my opinions.
    Mankind started on a path of destruction when fire was taken into mankinds lives. The Bible calls this the tree of knowledge, and we do know. Don't we? Mankind can also see that death is soon going to remove humanity from earth. I give you the exit by freely showing you all that new life might be given.
    Earth has an abudance of life and more than enough room for us. 7'000'000'000 plus human lives now. There are probrably more organisms on your pillow. Unfortunatly this might be the type of life for most. Haters choose thier own place.
    I am not here to bring peace to mankind, although peace will be given to the true life when mankinds madness is gone.
    Thanks for your help haters. Keep it coming. If you would come see me you would not be so bold.
  • Thanks to everyone who has read my posts to date. I left to be in paridise for a month and a half. YES, I lived with the wild animals without the use of fire the whole time. Had an adventure with a full size black bear that both me and the bear learned from and we lived together fine in the end without blood shed. I still can't recomend to anyone to live as what I would call a wild manimal and test your survival. I didn't have much survival skill but had to learn quickly. A feast was given too me about half way through and starvation wasn't a thought after.
    I came back to a nightmare. Everyone I love makes me feel like killing myself because of my painfull life would have been a better choice than what I did and how I did it, but I couldn't keep comming to this web site and others sharing what was a belief that I have not lived through and have now proven to myself as fact. I felt and was shown by God that I had spent enough time to prove that a man can survive with the clothing on my back and shelter built after I was in the wild is do-able and that the Living God loves me and accepts me.
    I know that believing that fire in our lives was a poor choice for Eve and I and living contrary to the rest of life on the planet is hard for all of you accept but it is a fact not a belief.
    If I didn't have sons that I love with all my heart no man would have ever seen me again. It was a better life all alone in the wilderness than what has been given to me as a man. Although mankind is trying harder than ever to destroy me I know that I have no need for anyone and would servive fine without mankinds way of life. In my mind I am indistuctable because although my body can be killed my heart and spirit will be accepted back into the life.
    I am proud of all of you, I know first hand how hard it can be for many of us living in this world. Every day that you push to spread love, happiness and mercy is a day toward a better eternity for your spirit.
    Because this is now free for me because I have come back to nothing of value and still pay nothing I will tell you all that who we all know as Ozzy is a host for the spirit St John the Baptist and deserves the respect of all men. The name my Father the Living God gave me while I was in paridise is Adam Jesus Corwin, the son of God. By the measure of mankind I am by far the least of men but by the measure of my Father I am the greatest man alive today. The only man of almost 8 billion people to have lived without fire. Do I want a medal or a prize? Of course but I have already gotten the biggest one a man can get. I am going to be given life for ever and there is not a thing anyone can do about it and man can take it all away and I will be fine.
    I am hear to judge mankind and I have and I still do say that all humanity has a place in the living Heaven. Some of us are going to change our way of life and continue into a new day and all of us will continue into a better life soon.
    I love and respect a big part of all of you.
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