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Ozzy ur on the best known rock metal heavy artists out her i mean your the prince of darkness..
Your music is actually inspiring to mean and it plays a huge role in my life because the understanding how to approach the lifestyles as we all see as life.
Also when are you coming to philadelphia AKA Philly to perform im just dying to go to one pf your concerts i known 95% of all your songs and albums from you first started o back in 68
I say come to philly is because i live in philly i know this is stupid but here's my number i no your probably going to call just to say im coming to philly its 267-258-0633

Ozzy your the best

Matt Luciano


  • I just read your book "I Am Ozzy". I am an African American and a musician. Most of my black friends thought I was crazy reading your book. But as a fellow musician I was curiuous. I think you are the craziest, most talented luck person on the planet. I loved the book and now have an understanding, appreciation and respect for you. the book was funny, exciting, sad in some places and entertaining. I starting looking up your older songs with Black Sabbath and solo stuff. I watched The Osbourne's, great stuff man! Though the style music you play it not my style I do have a new appreciation for it. I will buy the TV show though. That's it for now my friend, thank you for the book, thank you for the music and thank for being you and God Bless you and your wonderful family.
  • Hello Ozzie,

    Just wanted to say you are the best rocking roller ever. I have this web site that is currently under development stages called

    It would be an honor if you would be one of the judges for a battle of the band competitions that i would like to promote in the near future on my web site. I wish to bring out the best in the unknown rock band category through out the world to help those talented musicians get discovered. I hope to get sponsors from musical instrument companies to promote this event. Thanks for all the good memories you have given me and keep on rocking man.


  • Ozzy is indeed the best, and mate you spelled his name wrong just to let you know. I think the is awesome '

    on another Note I Hear that Ozzy and The original line up are not Getting back together. which is a disappointment .
    i have been a Ozzy fan for years now . I love his new line up with his band even though i think he took a big step but kudos to Ozzy

    And the new album scream was a master peace of work. But his best work to me will always be those two albums .

    Oh and Black sabbath with Not be performing at downloaded festivel just a heads up to the hard sabbath fans
  • Are you talking about the original line-up from Ozzy's first 2 albums reunion (minus of course and unfornately RR).
    What I would love to freaking see back with Ozzy is JAKE E. LEE
    Besides RR I think Jake was the best guitarist that Ozzy has had.
    No disrespect to Zach but I love all of Jake's work including the albums with his band after Ozzy. Amazing albums and would love to hear more of Jake E. Lee.
    Cause when you have Jake writing songs for Ozzy and his style and band they just mesh beautifully, at least I think.
    I've also heard a rumour that Ozzy HAS tried to recuite Jake again for his band in the past, but the wounds of being FIRED from both Ozzy & Sharon is still WIDE open and hard to close.
    Both "Bark At The Moon" & one of my favourate albums of the 80's "Ultimate Sin" where a MASTERPEICE by both Ozzy and more JAKE.
    And again don't get me wrong, I LOVE "No More Tears" but that's about my love for Zakk's work with Ozzy. I love the crazy ass guitar solo in "Breakin All The Rules" but wasn't a big fan of "No Rest For The Wicked". But may have something to do with the fact that it wasn't JAKE on guitars. I liike the album now and a few songs on there at GREAT.
    But Randy first then JAKE and I think I've (at least tried) to make my point. LMFAO!!!hehehe

    New to the board but been an OZZY fan since I first heard "Flying High Again" and of course "Little Dolls".

    tributo OZZY OSBOURNE - I just want you
  • You made my original request come true. You did a Black Sabbath Reunion tour. A while ago I asked if you could please get back together and tour. I asked this so that I can share the experience with my son as this would be the only concert he would attend. You made my dream come true. Unfortunately, as I thought the popularity of such an event would be overwhelming and I was not able to purchase tickets to the event when you were in Toronto Canada. You actually went one step further and did a kick ass reunion album. My favorite song from this album is damaged soul. You are the best. Now that you are coming back to Canada I am hoping to get the tickets before they are sold out. Thank you for making an Ozzy fan and Sabbath fan very happy. Your are the best and my favorite performer ever.
  • Actually after thinking about it the new Canadian dates would allow for me and my 2 sons to share a few beers together while enjoying the concert. Now I need to try harder to get 4 tickets for the Copps Coliseum in Hamilton to make it a family day. My sons and my wife. I luv you Ozzy :)
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