New Ozzy Forum?

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This forum on isnt much popular, so what if i make a forum about King Ozzy Osbourne and Zakk Wylde, Yeah.
The forum would be about Ozzy And Zakk wylde. What do you think about that?

I just Fucking Love you King Ozzy God. I were in Denmark in Skanderborg to see you.


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    Most band websites have anemic followings. The sites that are more popular cross entertainers, like GuitarWorld or such. Facebook fan clubs have some popularity. There is a group for Ozzy fans on FB - we have a solid 100 or so who actively participate in the forum. On the site we post stuff about Ozzy, but also about his former bandmates like Zakk, Tony Iommi, Geezer, Bill Ward, Rudy Sarzo, Jake E Lee and so forth.

    People want to go where thousands of others are going. It's kind of the "mall" attraction vs. the small store one. They want big crowds, and to be able to engage all kinds of interests instead of just one.
  • Def have to respect Zakk for his contributions, but my personal fav has to be Randy Rhoads. Any fans of Rhoads, please go to and like my fan page. Thank you guys so much!
  • I like the new site. WAY more then the last one. It's probably going to be received alot better then the last one, just because it's much simpler to navigate in! I love the Flash used, it's cool. All around a good job.

    - on the "Tour" section, "Download Festival" with Sabbath for June 10th isn't on the list. Yet the "intimate" show at O2 Arena shows Black Sabbath. Why?

    - on the "Shop" section, the link for Black Sabbath on LiveNation is dead.
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