re:comments about no OZZfest 2011

re: comments about no OZZfest 2011.

YO! dudes and dudettes

chill out!

all you all , look up narcisist (sp?) in dictionary.

Ozzy deserves a break!!

Let him be !!!!!!!!!!

I don't blame him for requesting some time off from the US.

OZZY NATION is GLOBAL not just USA, ok!! eh??

Love you OZZY, don't listen to the riff raff.

We in Canada fully understand and we appreciate everything you have done over all these
years and we are forever indebted to you for your awesome efforts to please "all" your
fans the best you can.

And to sum it up Ozzy, you are the (bleeping) GREATEEEEEEEEEEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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