About the Ozzmisses, which was coined because you cancelled!!

My husband and I went to Ozzfest in 2003. He saw you back in your Sabbath days and I said "no fair" so we scraped and saved up and made the trip over to Auburn, Washington to Ozzfest. You cancelled. I was heart broken, so I coined the handle Ozzmisses for the missing concert. Sharon is crazy if she thinks I am a crazy fan. I admire your talent and longivity in the rock world but how that woman has lived with such a disfunctional man for so many years is beyond me. I couldn't do it. We love you Ozzy, but its not for who you are inside like your family does, but we love what you do for us with your music.

I hope you will return to western washington, to the White River Ampitheater. I will try to be there. I live way, way up north in Idaho.Please come back and give an old lady her dream. I would be so amazed to meet Sharon. I know she is the force behind your success all these years. You can make the music, but if there isn't someone who KNOWS how to sell it, your going to be playing to yourself.
Consider me only a fan of 30-40 years. I am a fan of Sharon also.
Betty in Moscow Idaho aka Ozzmisses
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