Could anyone please pass the following letter to Ozzy - urgent


Could anyone please pass the following letter to Ozzy. This is not a joke - very serious. Thanks.

The Letter:


Dear Ozzy,

Today is Friday April 15. This is a matter of life and death.

My name is Tome Hajas and I am your fan from Croatia.

I was sexually abused at the age of two by my father. I lost both of my parents and was surgically mutilated as a small boy so they can monitor my thoughts and see what i see and abuse me in every way using implanted technology. They also used me for all kinds of medical experimentation's. I found out what my biological father did to me at the age of 31 when they told me using synthetic telepathy and he was one of them but instead of putting him to trial which would make me a free man thay decided to kill him and to take away my human rights. They also increased my sensory perceptions (seeing and hearing) and stimulated my brain so I can get nightmares about it and kill myself.They put me in a mental hospital several times, labeled me with Paranoid Schizophrenia and implanted me with newest gadgets. Now I am 38 years old and found that I have not one but three Neuro simulators which can be controlled remotely in my chest (I bought TENS stimulator which people use for pain relief and use it on my chest). I can't disable any of them.

Now they want me dead. They monitor me constantly from US and they won't let me sleep and are making me to talk to myself from the inside constantly so they can torcher me. They play me sirens and ocassionaly talk to me using synthetic telepathy.

Couple of years ago I was so desperate and get a tattoo YIN-YANG on my forehand. Before that I changed my name. I just told them via synthetic telepathy that if they have a problem with me and with what might pop up in my head during the torcher that thay should read some Sigmund Freud (aka Sick Man Fraud). I believe that some of them have the picture of this sick fucker hanging on the wall. They can put my picture there instead of his because they made me learn about the ultimate evel.

I never did nothing wrong to anyone in my life and everything I do does not seem to be working, they won't leave me alone.

Now, they want to kill me, after the torcher of course.

Please, advise me what to do, should I sing Mr. Crowley or Diary of a Madman, they have the gadgets implanted in me which would allow them to change my voice to look like yours. Just kidding there, they didn't broke my spirit yet.

Please, tell me how to get rid of those mother fuckers. I hope your answer is not to commit a suicide.

When I tried to search for your contact on the Internet they blocked it. I am trying to send you this message via people I met throughout my life and your fans. I hope that one will reach you and that it won't be to late.

You can reach me via:

[email protected]


[email protected]


[email protected]

I can read email on my job, believe it or not I still have one.


Tome Hajas

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