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The critics ripped Ozzy apart in the news paper review for the Denver show. I talked to a friend of mine who went, and she said it was the best show she has ever seen. Goes to show you, let the fans speak not the critics. Maybe next time I can go, the last time I saw Ozzy for his Black rain tour, he ruled the stage and the crowd. Thank you Ozzy for always performing at your best and giving the fans a great show.


  • I hear you! I was reading the articles and felt like WHAT FRICKING CYNICAL ASS PEOPLE THERE ARE REPORTING. Slash said you guys were "the best show on the tour yet." Given how much love and rowdiness there were in Phx and LA, THAT my friend was SOME BIG FRICK~!NG compliment from that gifted axeman.

    Fans should post their disagreement ALL OVER those articles online. Ya know?
  • I just had to get on here and try and say one thing. OZZY RULES!!! I whent to the pepsi center and if any one should be critisized it should be the pepsi center for not allowing enofe room to have in between there chairs. Who in the hell wants to sit at a Ozzy Concert. Ozzy preformed so well that night, He was the clearest I have heard in a long
    time.And I have whent to the last two shows as well and I know. I had to leave early this time and felt so bad becuase my wife had a personal emergancy come up. (I WAS PISSED) but could do nothing about it. I would never leave
    you OZZY for no good reason. I think that he should try and preform some place elce. Some place that we can all party
    and have a good time. It is just too crowded at the pepsi center. So please forgive us OZZY.
  • i read many of the same reviews about many cities.
    i challenge anyone, who has anything bad to say about this tour,
    to go, and get a full body transplant, and morph themselves into Ozzy's shoes, just for one show.
    i bet, nobody on Mother Earth, could pull off what Ozzy did on
    this tour.
    that's my 2.789 cents on the critics.
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