Tacoma Dome

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OZZY OZZY OZZY YOU ROCK!!!! My 11 year old son went to his first concert at the Tacoma Dome and it was The Prince of Darkness!!!! What an AWESOME performance!!!! Thank you Ozzy!!!


  • it was phenomenal the excitement the energy the ozz...i screamed my lungs and throat out so bad i had larengitis for three yes three days after and i didnt even mind the deafness..the tacoma dome definatly shook that night i did notice that the younger kids were really digging the show..i was clapping and jumping and dancing i felt soar the next day..it was an amazing show!!
  • that's so awesome guys...to hear your reporters (read their articles) ugh... one said it was rocking but the other, what a frickin' cynic. i figured he'd not been an Ozzy fan much, more of a Sabb SORT OF. what an idiot.
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