Tulsa show

lichlordlichlord Posts: 2
edited February 2011 in Midwest
Gonna snow hard tonite, I sure hope he does'nt have to cancel. So sick of snow oh well don't get Snowblind Ozman!


  • I wish they would postpone we are at 26 inches and counting. Theres no way the roads will be clear from Arkansas to Tulsa.
  • Ya it would be better if he came around again like the Reno show in April or may, sigh.
  • I wish they had made some thought into people's safety instead of grabbing every dollar they can. We got 26 inches of snow and live an hour and a half away in good weather. Today is my son's 13th birthday, and i bought these tickets in November for tonight's show. Guess now he's screwed. BOK can suck it, I'll never buy from them again. And I hope Ozzy knows what a disappointed fan he has. Or had. Wish someone would make this right.
  • awww guys, that's so sad. =o(. you made me sad to read these posts. I totally understand. that sux!
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