First Ozzy Concert!!!!!! Super Excited!!!!!

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Im going to go see Ozzy in Tulsa at the BOK Center in Tulsa,Oklahoma!!! I have been a fan since 2007 (since I'm a teenager) and as soon as i heard Ozzy AND Slash were playing in Tulsa i just about had a heart attack!! I cant wait to go and see the Oz! To bad i have to miss school the next day;)
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  • We are going to the Tulsa concert too! He's my fiance's favorite artist and he's had tickets three times and was never able to go. We are going this time if we have to ski all the way to Tulsa from Okemah to get there!

    Hear that Ozzy? If you can make it here we WILL be there to see you! Oklahoma loves ya baby!
  • Oh and if anyone has tickets and lives between Henryetta and Tulsa and CANNOT GET OUT due to the snow (provided the show doesn't cancel) hit me up for a ride on concert day. I have room in the truck for three, possibly four, more people. I'm leaving early to make sure we get there in time.
  • that's Ozzsome you guys!!! enjoy your show!
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