Why was Ozzy cancelled in Reno tonight?

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Does anyone know why the concert was cancelled here tonight? My husband was going to work as a bartender and had lots of friends going. GRRRRR


  • I also live in the (775) and was expecting a great time with 3 tickets. As I walked towards the door, someone asked my group "didn't you hear?" Ozzy was cancelled! He had stated that Ozzy was stuck in Vegas. The news was supposedly reported by 4pm. But with all those connections, he should have found a way to be here. After all the flight can't be more than 45 minutes from southern Nevada. It is rescheduled for the 23rd of April. I thought about getting a refund on my tickets so that I could possibly get one more, for a total of four so that I could take my daughter next time. A sad sad night for the Biggest little city. I feel bad for the people that traveled and checked into hotel rooms. Or the ones that had a good start on getting fu**ed up before the show. Redeem yourself I say!
  • According to CNN it was a sudden illness:


    I am freaking out because there has been no news about what's going on aside of that. And, like someone mentioned? If I don't postpone my flight by 9AM tomorrow, along with my room and my car? I am hosed out of the money.

    VERY FRUSTRATING!!!! Big time. I don't roll in the dough, so this can set me back quite a bit for nothing :o(. I would hope the POD would have a bigger heart then that!
  • the said he got sick. I hope he is ok....
  • Well if it were serious, I doubt Jack would have been on Twitter today tweeting silly tweets. I would imagine he'd be mum. So my instinct is IF he's sick, it's the 'rundown cuz there've been too many shows and I'm soppin' wet 99% of all of them' kind of sick.

    @MrJacko jack osbourne: 'How long can you hold your breathe for? I think you should try. (first ever attempt at a mass twitter suicide)' and 'Follow @PuckFinkberry he has a think for getting peed on.'

    Anywho...I'm in it now. If he does cancel I'm out my plane fare, car, and room cost. Ugh.
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