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can anyone tell me what ozzys set list has been like in the past?


  • go to and type in Ozzy you'll see his setlist!
  • Yes bad Motley Crue Ozzy at Tinley Park up around Chicago about 6 to 7 or 8 drive from home to Motel we did get lost on way but I great time.
    My woman got free kitten after she got back and she named Mr.Crowely real good cat.
    My mother says hes cat from hell but really not
  • I saw Ozzy with Korn about 1996, it was a great Concert, Ozzy was spraying the people in the front row with a huge squirt gun and running all over the stage. It was so awesome, I would love to see him again. I wanted to see Black Sabbath but they broke up.

  • In the early 1980's Ozzy came thru Bakersfield Ca, on the "Diary of a MadMan" tour. Although he was I'll and had to cancel, I was left with a memorable prize. I was back behind the Civic Auditorium with other kids who didn't have funds or tickets for the show, we were riding dirt bikes around the old parking lot when this big tour bus pulls in and people started getting off the bus. One guy got off and walked over to us and watch us as we rode these dirt bikes, we soon realized it was Ozzy and his band mates. While I was get on one of the bikes Ozzy walked up to me and asked if he could ride it, without hesitation I let him and rode on the back with him as he showed off his riding skills. This lasted about 20 min then the band had to go get ready for the show. One of the band members was taking pictures and needed some batteries for his flash but could not leave, I offered to get him some and ran to the nearest store. when I got back everyone had gone except the man who wanted the batteries, I believe it was "Jake E. Lee". He asked if I was going to watch the show, I explained that I could not due to me not having any money, he told me to wait by the doors that we were standing at and in 2 hours he would come and get me. excided as I was I waited & waited & waited, as I was about to leave the doors opened and I found myself being guided through back stage meeting everyone, all the members off Black & Blue as well as Ozzy and his band mates. I was then lead to the stage where I was let out into the crowd with all eyes on "ME", what an awesome feeling. needless to say the next day at school I was the most popular kid and was asked how I was able to pull it off. I was just Lucky. I sure would like to know if those photos were every developed and if they my be waiting to be uncovered in Ozzys archive some where.

  • Ok im getting my first lines
    Here from Brasil
    I saw ozzy at the first monsters of rock back in 1995. 16 years old, but i could reach to the frontline, i dont remember the set list, of course. But i had a real good time, maybe because i am a big fan since no more tears was release.
    Got myself another ticket, cause the madman is back. I got busted so what?
    Greetings from beggars, broken bones, several species..., acid chaos tour and no one at all to support my fill.
  • Happy birthday prince of darkness... if the dates are still quite right
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