ozzy in omaha

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sunday jan 16,2011 ozzy still kicks ass his omaha concert was freckin awsome he might be older but he still rocks his balls off


  • We love you Ozzy!!! I can't hear you!!! I said WE LOVE YOU OZZY!!!!!! It's funny that my hubby looks just like you.... not kidding.,.people were taking pics of him and however wanted in lobby before and after show..people were so puzzled they thought it was Ozzy..LOL
  • Ozzy Thanks for coming to Omaha concert was awsome hope u will come back to nebraska again.
  • Thanks for giving my husband and I a nite to remember. Went to see you in omaha NE and it was our 7th wedding anniversary!! IT was the bomb and you rocked the arena like no there was no tommorow.. THanks for a totally awesome experience... Keep it real and keep on rockin!!!!
  • After seeing OZZY for my 4th time he's never let me down he always puts on a super show and it was awsome. iv'e seen alot of great bands in concert and "OZZY" ranks as one of the best on my list.
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