Ozzy you've been so much to my lifes path!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My Brother has past quite some time ago (R.I.P) but you have been a mentour to me for a very long time. My brother and I use to listen to your music and watch you as you toured all over the world. And all we could hope was that one day; we would meet you by accident somewhere and we'd be able to shake your hand and sharon's mind you! My Favorite song ever is: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath! I sing so well that my friend request it all the time :when we go out singing at the Bar. Not to often for this girl. Been there ,Done that if you know what I mean. Woke up and smelled the Coffee.Anyhow I going to see you in Tacoma, Wash,Feb 5th,2011.Can't wait... the only thing missing is,MY BIG BROTHER!But Hay!He'll be there heart and Soul!!!!!Your wonderful and amazing human being.Lovr to you and your Famliy. Sincerly, Joy!!!!!


  • ozzy, your ither in, or in the way? make me.Ill never stop!being a fan. B.A.Tokar wpg airport security. ps. if you talk too R.Halford Brian says high.
  • Rock on Joy. Your big brother will be rocking right there with you if you think about it. I feel my brother from time to time, open your heart and maybe for a few seconds he'll let you know he's there too!


    Awesome ... you're a bit behind my shows, they're on 1-26 and 2-1. So, tic toc tic toc girlfriend! they're coming soon!

    let me know how the show goes!
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