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Hi Ozzy;

I am writing this due to pamphlet in my Scream CD. It's concerning the part where it says to share with you our "Best Memory" from your Blizzard of Ozz/Diary of Madman Tour (since there will be a 30th Anniversary restoration release soon).

I was almost a teenager when these two records came out which I purchased with my money I made from odd jobs. Unfortunately I was not allowed to go see you in concert. I was living in a foster home and was being abused. It was a nightmare but, your music saved me. From the moment I put your record on, heard the lyrics and guitar playing (which from then on Randy Rhoads has always been my favourite guitar player). I remember how your music was blamed for people committing suicide which I know is far from the truth. I know that besides me, god knows the amount of people your music saved and helped during the years. I would listen to your music for hours on end and disappear into my little world just to escape the life I was living at the time. I have watched footage of these two concerts (not official one's unfortunately) but, it will never be the same as actually seeing you on stage with Randy, Tommy Aldridge and Bob Daisley.

If I ever get the chance to meet you in person (have seen you in concert when you came to Ottawa, Ontario Canada) will be my ultimate dream come true. I am 41yrs old now and have met members of Blue Oyster Cult, Lighthouse etc. but, won't even come close to what an experience it would be meeting you.

Thank you for the years of music and for doing it for your fans.



  • Hi!!!

    Sorry to hear about your situation all those years ago. I can relate. Many fans have had troubled lives. It was refreshing to see the charming average guy make it so big. He was so lovable (and still is, that's his charm).

    I was in a bad space myself during his early solo career. That plus knowing he wasn't with Sabbath which royally pissed me off not with him but with Sabbath, well, it left me without concert memories for that time.

    I did listen to him though, and loved him. Always. When I stopped hearing Randy's guitar (so radically much better than Eddie Van Halen in it's sophistication and endearing beauty) there was a big silence in rock and roll and my life.

    I just grew up with Ozzy in one context, and wanted him to make it all better and get back to it (w/ Sabbath).

    I think they are collecting that stuff here BLIZZARD OF OZZ AND DIARY OF A MAD MAN TOUR MEMORIES Good luck!
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