Nice Tribute to John Lennon on HNIC

HNIC (Hockey Night In Canada) played a very
nice Tibute To John Lennon before the
game between The Leafs and The Habs.

Fitting too 'cause the "The Bed In For Peace" was in Montreal :-)

P.S. I love how, as The Leafs come on the ice at the beginning of the
game, they play Randy's riffs from "Crazy Train" on the sound system at the ACC until the puck drops
to start the game.

I also love how no matter what sporting event I watch on tv or attend,
Arenas and Stadiums, all play lots of Ozzy during games. I don't watch Basketball, so I can't speak
for those events.

As a fan of John Lennon, Thanks HNIC. That was nice !!!
And to the ACC, keep on playing Ozzy. Thanks.

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