how many gals out there still think OZZY IS HOT?

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Man, I sure think he is. I think he get more endearing as he get older. 62, If you ever need a break or someone to talk at, Ozzy you just come right over here to me in Seattle and I will make sure you are treated like the King you are and I promise you will enjoy yourself. :) No disrepect to Sharon, she can come too, why not!!


  • Everything is better over Time, Like fine wine. He is only 3 years older than my X . Let's see , prince of darkness ...Hmm.... Maybe he is a magic man, my X was in bed . That's the only thing we had in common sad to say. I think Ozzy is still attractive...and Sharon too. I think those kids were so adorable when they were little. His daughter isn't grotesque because she has a few extra pounds. Those Maroons are shallow and are critical because they are probabably envious. So pursue your dream. Then you can sing " How do you like me Now " Toby keith or someone.
  • Well I'd love to say your topic is novel but it is not. If the site still had a search feature you would have realized that we had a thread already discussing Ozzy's attractiveness to women world wide. In fact, in my Facebook group, I know MANY who would jump at the chance to get a kiss from the Prince of Darkness. Ozzy remains one of the sexiest men in rock and roll.

    Your post is a bit disgusting. do you honestly think everyone is into bizarre sexuality just because you are? you sound an awful lot like a certain schizophrenic in Australia who was always preying on the site and the women on it...

    anyhow, the thread we already had open is here.
  • FUCK....who the hell is sympathetic to Ozzy while including "Queen Yuppie Ho of Scream Fest!!!!?"

    FUCK YOU BITCH!!!! Oi!

    now my turn, idiot scum of the loser variety...

    Ozzy looks like a 30 year old lust ripend witch stud still to this day!!!...HMMMM... but exactly how good is he in bed? any stories ladies?
  • I am in total and complete love with him. He is a Sagittareus and I wanted a Sagittareus man. I love his eyes, his feet. He sends chills up and down my spine. Whenever there is a man penetrating me, I imagine that it's Ozzy Osbourne's penis in there.
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