Are cameras allowed at the shows?

Going to the Denver show 2/8 ... The ticket sale site says NO cameras, but I went to a bunch of KISS shows (7, actually) this summer and ALL the tix said "no cameras" -- but KISS actually encourages cameras and fan photos/vids. (The venues told me it was too expensive to print different ticket templates just for KISS, but they were all aware that KISS was letting cameras in and I had no probs w/ security.) It seems that Ozzy may be the same way, especially since he's offering the iPhone and Android live photo sharing apps (same apps that KISS offered, by the way) -- but I'd like to know for sure (don't want to get my nice new Sony CyberShot confiscated!) -- but if pics ARE allowed I'd REALLY hate to go without my camera!!! If anyone's gone to a US show please let me know whether cameras were allowed. Thanks!
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