What is Ozzy killed himself...

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That would be the ultimate in heavy metal show debauchery. YEA...Ozzy comes out drunk as all hell, while everyone is staring at the noose hanging 5 feet above his head. As the show continues Ozzy continues getting drunk and begins taunting and cursing the audience. After awhile Ozzy tires of the boo-birds and begins spitting beer and pissing on the front row who in turn begin the booing and tossing of chairs. Ozzy climbs a 10 foot ladder and begins taunting the audience again screaming "Fuck you all, you mother fuckers dont know shit" and "Gimme your goddamn money you fucking pissants".

The roadies then position the ladder in front of the noose which Ozzy then puts around his neck then begins flipping off the audience and again taunting them..."I bet you'd all eat SHYT now wouldnt ya?...LOSERS". Then The OZ turns his back on the audience, drops his pants and takes a huge crap then begins laughing uncontrolably.
The huge dump taken by The Oz begins splashing the front row attendees, some of which who begin to vomit.

Ozzy then turns back towards the audience with his pants/underpants around his knees and yells "Betcha you fuckers never thought you would see a live crap eh?" By now the cops has stormed the stage, the band walked off and its just a drunken/drug crazed half nude Ozzy on a ladder with a noose around his neck. As Oz climbs towards the top of the ladder the crowd grows silent and then Ozzy states "Yea...shut up your fuckin mouths all of ya" then gives the audience the finger and jumps.

What a Cool Show!!


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