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Just wanted to update.. I got my Ozzy's fan site up.
I'm looking for some help with updates and content.
If you want to join in send me a message via the contact page.



  • As I have said in countless other posts, why does everyone start a "new" website when Ozzy already has this one plus Facebook plus Twitter plus

    I wish everyone splintering off would just come here and talk, it's not the best but at least it is where he encourages us all to meet for all things Ozzy.

    I think you should just route your users here. Have them become a presence on this site. Just my opinion. I may not like this site navigation too much, but it's all there is.
  • Ozzy we need you to come back to the Midwest here in Indiana. I haven't seen you scince you played at Houston in 1983 with Motly Crue!!!!!!!!! So Please come back to Indiana!!!!!!!!!! I know you are playing in Chicago, but I can't leave the state I'm on probation !!! So please come back to Indiana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS and party on OZZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR BIGGEST FAN KURTISOZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • OZZY: Please tell your wife to STOP PROMOTING DOUBLE MASECTOMIES! There is no reason for women to lop off BOTH breasts because their doctor duped them into believing they will get cancer. DOCTORS LIE FOR BIG PHARMA, Now women around the world think they should get their breasts removed to avoid cancer, BIG NEWS! There are safe and effective ways to avoid cancer! Sharon has commited a very serious misinformation campaign for women, and I think she had better clean up her mess in the interest of women's bodies.
    YOU, Ozzy are a living legend, and we love you in Canada.
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