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    Well...I drove from SE Arizona to San Bernadino. It was killer. I started out at 5PM and got there at 5:30AM. I picked up another two Ozzy fans, one who wasn't ready to go, so the ride to was long. That was my Friday->Sat. And my Sunday was from about 11AM to 11PM. With detours to see one Ozz fan's pictures from over the years of Ozzy that were killer.

    Round trip it was 1,000 miles.

    When he was going to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live, I was going to drive to Hollywood to see him. That would have been 1100 miles round trip. Slam dunk given he was going to perform in front of a small audience, hell yea! But they cancelled the show.


    Why, how far are you willing to drive?
  • I committed to help out another fan who didn't have a car and his son ... I would have flown in otherwise. It was nearly the same cost to fly as to drive. I'm considering more than one show with Ozzy this year. I will probably fly in to other states if I do go to another show and get a rental car for a day. Way cheaper and the lack of exhaustion would be well worth it.
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    How far would I drive to see the left leaning Prince of Cabbage? Not far at all. In my younger day I might drive 35 miles but in these trying liberal times where Ozzy likes to appear with none thugs like Yousef Cat Stevens and that silly Jon Stewart, you couldnt pay me to go see an Ozzy concert.

    How Dat?!!
  • Calling all Ozzy fans! Go here for the chance to win a trip to see him perform live in Hollywood & get a signed ESP guitar:

  • My brother traveled all over the US an he would have traveled farther. This account is dedicated to him and his love of Ozzy's music.
  • Well, I've flown. But driving is much harder on you. In fact, after San Bernadino? I would not drive like that again. I drove the entire time. It sucked! =0). If I could have shared the driving, maybe it would not have been so bad.
  • I took the Greyhound Bus from Tucson, AZ to Chicago IL. for Lalopalooza
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