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I am in a wheelchair and don't have $1000 for a meet and greet with the Prince of Darkness
Is there a way to write the Oz a letter or personal email?


  • I googled "Contact Ozzy Osbourne" and came up with this page:

    Maybe one of those places can take your letter forward and up for you. I don't have a clue. But I'm sure that not everyone that asks gets a place of honor just because they are handicapped or whatever. Ya know? No fan can afford the $1000. Should you get preference over a fan who is out in the last rows who barely could afford even that ticket price but who has followed him for 40 years? Hmmm.
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    You could give it a try, however I think he has changed his moniker to The Prince of Cabbage.
  • Calling all Ozzy fans! Go here for the chance to win a trip to see him perform live in Hollywood & get a signed ESP guitar:
  • Hi,
    I´m in the wheelchair too.
    And I also want to meet the madman himself to make a photo of us.
    Who can help us with this?
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    Track #15 from Essential Ozzy. Fire In The Sky.
  • going to meet him would be awesome
    when you find out write it here
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    I would so love to meet Ozzy! Unfourtinalty I cant See I have Multiple Sclerosis ,I was dx in 2001. So I am disabled as well ! I would to meet Ozzy, like everyone else! My brother took me to see Ozzy for the Ultimate Sin tour here in the Big Easy! I was like 13 years old! That concert was awesome! Metallica opened for Ozzy bk in 1985! Love ya Ozzy , big fan here in New Orleans,La
  • I have never met Ozzy but I have only been a fan for a couple years. I never liked heavy metal in high school I listened to R&B. It's just now suddennly Ozzy seems very exciting and the first time I seen him was in Chicago where I stood all day in line and I am going to do the same thing for Washington this year when I go. The thing is I was a little too late for meet and greet I didn't know they had any where I lived and we pre-ordered tickets already costs us 7 hundred and NOW I find out there will be VIP tickets for Phoenix. I live in Tucson. So it's a little to late for me to rock and roll, you know what I am saying? Should have found out sooner I guess. But, I will make do with what I have. I don't think he will see me if I just walk up there. Tried that already. So, maybe next year or the year after.
  • Ok does Ozzy read this ? for real do you think he actually takes the time to read this discussion and have a opinion or comment even acknowledge a person like myself ? Probably not likely . I live east of Dallas on a pretty big farm we have cows ,horses, plenty of deer and endless fishing (honey holes) .I myself just recently was introduced to Ozzy's music. I am 1964 model, no not a car a point is I will be going to his concert in Sept. the 7 th . my birthday is the 6th my name is Erin Harlow .This is a gift to my boyfriend James Willingham who by the way is a BIG fan... I would trade my best horse, and favorite fishing pole for my boyfriend to be able to have the opportunity to meet Ozzy...What is the experience of life itself, without a dream to chase right?? It was worth trying see you in Big D in Sept. p.s. I am leaning to appreciate your music Its like a rare Scotch a acquired taste not for the ordinary coinsurer...

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    Hey Oz. Can you comment on your 2 best songs.... "Megalomania", and "The Writ" and why you've never played them in concert, (at least on the East Cst.) [NY & NJ], Oh, I'm one of Ozzy's 1st fans, Sabbath changed my life, made me become a musician for many years. Tony taught me guitar, and Dylan taught me how to write. and I to, have never met any of them. I'd love to, I have so many questions for Tony or Oz. I to have lived a wild life, as alot of people born in 1960 have. The fact that (like ozzy said in an interview) I'm still living is weird miricle also. Alot of my friends from my childhood, teens, 20s, never made it this far, and why I'm still here is a mystery. I lived through a 25 yr. heroin habit, tripping, drinking, downs, speed.. you name it, and when everyone around me did 1 or 2, I did 10 just to prove, "if 2 is good, 10 is better! but I wound up getting my college degree, high, and I still am able to think. I bought Blk Sabs 1st album 3 days after it's release in NYC. and loved them till Dio almost ruined them Luckily Tony's licks were still asskickin'.

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    Hey, sassydana72 -- having just read your comment -- "I would so love to meet Ozzy! Unfourtinalty I cant See I have Multiple Sclerosis" ...

    ... I was going to post this anyway, for info for Ozzy, for his son Jack:

    Here's an FYI to whoever might be able to use it, re' a treatment being explored (with benefits for many, but not all) in Italy.


    Summary: some of the studies suggest that THE THEORY of the original doctor (Paolo Zamboni) who came up with this treatment (for 65 people including his own wife, who recovered), that THEORY may not be correct, but the effectiveness of the treatment is still striking (for some).

    So, as the link above mentions, there's a clinical trial going on in Canada now.


    Whether it's something you choose to pursue or not, at this time, I hope it contributes to your sense of hope.

    Love energy to you and yours...

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    Hello, just finally read ur message about my comment that I left. Yes, I knew about Jack's dx so thank you for telling me. I was dx with MS bk in 2001, Dec. 19th 2001. I appreciate what you left in ur comment to me but I will be fine, One Day @ a time for me. We can all dream right? Thanks for caring :) :)

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    I need to correct what I said back in April 24th 2013!!!! Omg, yes, I can see but my dumbass needed a , to follow after see. I can't seem to edit on what I said. I deeply apologize for that big misunderstanding. I seen Ozzy for Voodoo Fest 2015 he was The Best!!! Love a devoted fan :) :) Thank you for understanding

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