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    Some of you know that on Facebook, I may as well have a feature called "Me and My Camera", as I have a tendance, to snap anything and everything that catches my eye. To answer the question, the 14.1 megapixel Sony Cybershot, is not part of my body!

    My problem is purely this! They have continually altered the way you can upload photo's! I liked it where you located the folder with you snaps, it dragged them onto the screen, and you just selected up to 200 at a time! Now I have to select one at a time, or use the Simple Uploader, and load up to 5 in a lift!

    Can anyone tell me how to get the old facility back?
  • I don't have any account on facebook because I think it is just a wast of time.
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  • I'm on Facebook. The thing that I like about it is that you can connect and interact with other users. Hard to do that here when the other users are mostly on Facebook. Where Ozzy is one dimension of their profile. I think it suxks personally. But I enjoy the interactions at the same time.
  • in your opinion do you think a facebook is safe.. i am not allowed to have a myspace but what makes a facebook safe? and how is it not safe?

  • Is it just my computer or is Facebook messed up tonight? My computer lets me log on put then when I get to the main page everything is messed up and I cant see the posts by other people...?
  • I haven't been on Facebook in like a month, because I don't like the new Facebook, I get confused to easily.
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  • Anyone wants to hook up I am Arizona Darkblade on Facebook. Look me up.

    I am fans with about 80 people who are Ozzy fans there. It's alot of fun. But i do wish that somehow we could get what I share there here...you know? Then Ozz would see the love people have. it's a big thing for alot of people all over the world.
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    I was not long back! Just checked to see the comments on my Album entitles "Ozzy's Parental home and surounding area"! I uploaded pictures of Winson Green Prison where Ozzy was incarserated when he was a burgler! Had a few comments! Pity most of you can not see them!

    ASLO I have started an Album entitled " Where do you keep your Bad Taste OZ BEAR"! I just ned to know how to cut and paste what ever comes in!
  • I have joined Facebook sites dedicated to Ozzy or Blasko or Wakeman, and using some kind of keywords it pulls from whoever "Likes" the page relevant blurbs they post and they show up on the page.

    It would be cool if an interface similar to that could be done here, so threads would show up on Ozzy's page as a "view" and posts could be made either here or there.

    You know...streamline. Synchronize.

    Somebody has GOT to think global here. ~*

    Ozzy: "Osbourne, Ozzy, Blizzard, Scream..."
    Blasko: "Blasko, Ozzy + Rob, Ozzy + Blasko, Scream + Blasko..."
    Wakeman: "Adam Wakeman, Ozzy + Adam,..." d
  • i have to use my wifes fecebook page i'm too lazy to make my own..my myspace is still active though nobody goes there anymore..
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    Guess who has pictures of the house that OZZY grew up in on their Facebook Page!

    Ok some of my friends have tagged the photos for thier uses.

    So if you are interested, may you can find them on Face book. It is one of the very few photo albums that I have open to anyone who finds it! It appears that I have to agree to anyone tagging my photos who is NOT already one of my Facebook Friends.

    So if you find the photo album drop me a missive from this site to get the photo. I do like to know who I am talikng to.

    So if you find "Ozzys parental home and surounding area" then you just might well have found me! And that really does include sleepy hollow, as I have listed a few possible urban legends/facts. Can anyone discount my points raised, if so Great, and we can ALL discount them!

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    Just checked my supposed link to Ozzy's Parental home on Facebook! I got my link to get Ozzy Knighted, and a couple of others. I might just upload to a facebook groups called Ozzyfans. I only manged to upload 14 Lodge Road, We shall see!
  • ...yawns in boredom.
  • they're releasing a new template for Myspace. I'm very excited. I want to see what they have. I only wish my Facebook stuff could integrate over there seamlessly. Then I would not waste my time in that 1D world (Facebook). I guess for the computer illiterate it's easy enough. Ha ha, even then I am always telling people how to do this or that and even with explanation sometimes they don't figure it out. (sighs)
  • If you have facebook then answer this for me! Ok. Everyone should know that they have a new version out of facebook. Well...if you don't ya do now! But, I was just wondering do they let you have layouts/backgrounds yet?! Because I reallly want one so i'm hoping but, i'm not sure.

  • IDK. I'm not into the site that much honestly. I do like the Ozzy!!!! group though. Myspace is much better in terms of music and a rich environment. More young, hungry bands are on there.
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    If you have facebook then answer this for me! Ok. Everyone should know that they have a new version out of facebook.
  • how do u use facebook? like, what is poke, what is wall-wall, how can u talk to someone, how do u play games, how do u find people, etc.
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    I AM!
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