Where can I get Ozzmosis on 12'' vinyl lp ?

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Have they ever been made `?

Are they super rare.

THink ozzy should copy up some new ozzmosos 12'' lp vinyls...

If anyone of u have it.. i can buy it =)


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    I actually have a copy that was imported from Holland a number of years ago. It's still sealed too! There were no US vinyl pressings that I've ever heard of or seen. They're very difficult to come across and haven't seen one since. Your best bet would be to look on eBay or craigslist. Good luck!

    There is one on eBay right now for $150. It's opened.

    You don't have to leave the lights on. I'm so used to being blind.
  • I just got one copy of Ebay. Cost 200$, but it´s worth it, I have been looking for it for ages, so I am a happy man now ;)
  • Hi

    I am desperately in need of Ozzmosis LP 1995 print.

    Opened, or unopened doesn't matter.

    I need this as a present for my father in law in Russia who was collecting Ozzy there LNG before it was legal.

    This is the one he hasn't got and would mean the world.

    If anyone can help me find one, we're willing to pay well for it.

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