what the hell was the name of Ozzy's 16 year old guitar player

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OK, I don't know if there's a conspiracy going on or what. But I, as well as a friend, remember seeing one of Ozzy's tours where he had a 16 year old guitar prodigy. The kid had an assymetrical haircut: short on one side & longer on the other. He kind of wore grungy clothes onstage. Baggy cargo shorts, Docs, ect.. I also remember watching clips about the kid being Ozzy's new axe"boy". Yet trying to find ANY info on this kid on Google or any Ozzy site I've tried make absolutely no mention of him at all. I thought he was on one of the albums but he must have only toured with him. I'd guess it was around the time of No More Tears but I'm not positive. SOME one has to know who the hell I'm talking about.


  • No idea. I've never heard of that. Have you gone onto sites that would have reported the news back in that timeframe and requested archive information (if any)?

  • Hello f_darkbladeus:
    From 1995-2000 Joe Holmes filled in for Zakk Wylde. Here is a picture of him on stage.


    He was not really a "kid" per say because he was born June 11, 1963. However, he was a student of Randy Rhoads. Rumor has it he is making a solo album but I have not heard of it coming out any time soon. We'll see. Hope this helps.

    David Labay
  • It wasn't Joe Holmes as he's 2 years older than I am.
    I haven't searched any archive news from back then because I really don't know the exact tour/year it was. Also I didn't think I'd need to dig that far. I mean Ozzy has millions of fans yet no one seems to know about this but me. I know I smoke a lot of weed but dammit I'm pretty sure about this. The search continues
  • Right, and boooya was the person asking, but thanks RREA.
  • The only time I watched Oz live was during the Osmosis tour, and Joey was with him. His solo stunk as it was just bits and pieces of some sabbath and Ozzie's song believer. I t was awesome seeing Oz live, as it was a life long dream for me. However, I was very disappointed with Holmes. Even people in the audience were talking about how much better a show with Zack was. Ozzy only played some blizzard of Oz songs and the rest of the show consisted of mainly Sabbath tunes. Nothing from "No more tears" and only one song from osmosis. I think it was because Holmes could not play them.
  • maybe. but thinking isn't God's honest truth, so we can speculate but maybe never know!

    I think Ozzy's always had phenomenal support musicians in his lineup, ones that nobody can doubt their talent or unique something about them. he comes across better with some musicians better than others.

    the only thing about Zakk was his transferral of the BLS gear onto the stage with Ozzy. i may be alone in this but i kind of thought that was tacky. he also seemed to be really into himself sometimes instead of into the whole band thing. now, how can I say that for sure, i can't - i can only say what i read from watching him play on short video clips.

    i love Zakk Wylde, he's a huge man, a big handsome sexy Viking lunk, but i think it's very awesome that Ozzy will be working with someone new. new blood always changes the flavor and it's always exciting!

  • If there was some other guitar player I never heard of him. Joe is the only player other than Zakk that "officially" played for Ozzy. If there ever was I certainly would be surprised and love to see a photo of them playing on stage with Ozzy. Now Ozzy has played with other guitar players before like Slash or John 5 but only one-off gigs. One such gig was Slash & Friends concert / Quart Festival in Kristiansand, Norway June 30th 2009. Now they were never "on tour" with Ozzy. Usually those shows are where Ozzy is the guest of honor. Is that what you are asking about boooya?

    John 5 (left side of stage) is here playing Crazy Train with Ozzy singing:

  • ElectricAngel, what exactly is your definition of "official"? Are you saying Randy Rhodes or Jake E Lee were never official members? That would be news to me & many others. The search is still on.
  • Well, as to where I know Zack was pretty young when he joined OzzY; that was around 1988 or '87 I don't know how old he was but I think he actually looked like a "kid" or close to. How old is he now?

    Also, many years ago, I saw a highlight in the Guitar Player magazine about a kid that used to play all Ozzy's stuff. He was around 12 or something and became an OzzY's fan guided by his father ... g!good job!!
  • I think you have Ozzy mixed up with Dio . Dio had Rowan Robertson as a guitarist on his album Lock up the wolves , but shortly before the album came out (1990 ) I had heard on metalshop or some other radio program they said Dio was working with " a 16 year old guitar wiz " Although he was 19 in 1990 . I think you have that in mind . Zakk was pretty young though when he first started with Ozzy . 17 or 18 ?? I don't know that one . But I do remember in 1989 or so when they mentioned Dio finding a 16 year old guitarist , at least according to whatever radio show I was listening to at the time .
  • I thought i remembered a young kid replacing Zakk Wylde for a time . Then I heard nothing of it . I could have sworn that's what happened for the Black Rain album or whatever . I also remember a young kid playing with him on stage (like 9 or 10 years old) think his name was Yuto Miyazawa or something . But I am almost positive that wasn't the progeny that replaced Zakk .. It's a heavy metal conspiracy man !!! WTF !!
  • I heard this on the radio the other day but I was distracted and only caught a bit of it. They were playing an Ozzy song (I thought it was No More Tears) and when it ended the DJ said "Guitarist insert name was only 17 years old when this track was recorded." Now I'm searching all over and can't find any sort of reference. Wish I had been paying attention.

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