Hyundai Pavilion, San Bernardino, Califonia


If I only want to see OzzY and not the other bands, can I show up at 7pm and still get my seats?
Does it get cold at night in San Bernardino?



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    over and over,rise above the obsticles!

  • I have 4 LAWN SEATS for this show that I am just giving away for FREE!!! NO BULL SHIT EITHER!!! I'm TOTALLY SERIOUS!!! Anyone who wants them contact me at I'm not from Cali so I have no use for these tickets. I just thought I'd help out those who were not able to get their free tix...
  • This time of year the weather is pretty hot in devore. I personally don't go in till about 5:30 and have no problems. If you decide to take a sweater make it a light one cause it won't get chilly. Have a good time at the show. OZZY RULES!!!!!!!!

  • I am going with the meet and greet package oh-yeah ozzy rocks
    ozzfest rules
  • cool. i didn't have a grand to lay down to meet him. i wish i had it, if i did i would have spent it too.
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