Funny (and probably stupid) question

I am curious to know if there are any Ozzy fans outside of the US that actually like our shitty cover art for Black Rain and want our cover the way we US citizens want the foreign cover? Are there people outside of the US who actually want to import the US version to their country? I just got a Canadian import of Black Rain in the mail today, complete with cover art and lyrics, and thought it would be interesting if someone who had that cover in their country would want the other one.


  • I'd like to see an album cover from another country if it's different than my American cover.
  • Ehm, are there several types of Black Rain cover? Here in Russia I've bought this one with Ozzy standing in front of fire under the black rain? You men, there's any other cover?
  • Okay, so for those of you who still do not know (and I understand why you wouldn't, because the whole world has the same cover except for the US), there are two Black Rain covers. There is this one (for the world outside of the US): and this one (the US cover):

    The cover for the world outside of the US comes in a standard jewel case, complete with album credits, lyrics, artwork, and booklet. The US cover comes in a wafer-thin digipak made from recycled paper. It has no album credits, no lyrics, no artwork (other than the front cover with the Ozzy logo), and no booklet. The cd is housed in a cardboard sleeve with nothing to protect it. This is the reason the booklet/lyrics were posted on Many people are angry about the packaging for the US version. Some claim that Ozzy made it that way to be environmentally friendly, but if that is the case, how is it helping the environment when the rest of the world has the jewel case and booklet?

    Anyway, the idea of this post was to see if there is anyone outside of the US who actually likes the US cover and desires to import it for their collection. Many of us in the US have imported the cd from other countries because of the artwork and/or the bonus tracks on the Japanese pressing.
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    I got the same one Firebird did, but here in Brazil, of course. I have no idea why the US version should be different, but I'd particularly like to have one.... collector's stuff. hehe

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  • I import a Black Rain US for the cover ans the digi-pack for my collection.That cover are not terrible.
  • The cover doesn't matter, it's what's on the disc that counts! I love both, but the outside US cover is more appropriate to the album.

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