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Ozzy Osbourne “Blizzard Of Ozz” Vinyl Signed By Ozzy! -Bid on an amazing vintage vinyl signed by Ozzy himself! The rare autographed album is now available on the GRAMMY Charity Holiday Online Auction benefiting MusiCares and the GRAMMY Foundation. Auction runs now through December 7. Just in time for the holidays…place your bids now!


MC Ozzy Osbourne Signed "Blizzard Of Ozz" Vintage Vinyl
Proceeds Benefit MusiCares
Item condition: --
Time left: 4 days 12 hours (Dec 07, 200910:30:32 PST)
Bid history: 27 bids[Refresh]

It's fucking at $405 right now. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD i want this! but there is just no frigging way I have that kind of money - DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Ozzy Go!!!!


  • it's now at $410. OMG, if I had $1000 to blow, I'd be putting it down on that in a flash. See who bid on it from there ha ha ha ... Ozzy!!!!!!!!!!
  • that is a classic and im sure if we all had the money we would buy it , this album blew sabbath away and randy absolutely destroyed tony on guitar.
  • yeah shame i a broke arse gimp,

    gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL
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    MC Ozzy Osbourne Signed "Blizzard Of Ozz" Vintage Vinyl 29 Bids $420.00 time left: 1d 20h 54m

    this is frustrating. i wish I had the $$$ because it is for DAMN sure that this should have at the very least a $1000 bid on it.
    darkblade mutters to herself at the indignity of it all.

    Bidders:9 Bids:29 Time left:1 day 19 hours 51 mins Duration:10 days

  • and the final vinyl sold at that $420. damn.

    i would have given a grand easily for it, if i could crap money.
    some of us have to pay bills, you know?
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    As ome of you already know I have the 12" ..... Vynal single of " I just want you numbered number 01300

    A 12" ........ gold vynal single ..... but that is in the case in the loft (atic)

    A 12" picture disc of Changes

    So how about that then!

    Number 1
  • interesting. i wouldn't be revealing such juicy details to one and all Andy, those might be items some might go hunting for to sell for a penny. you might find your collection burglarized and then what would you be feeling. glad to hear that you've put a dime down on some Ozzy things. it would have to be something that touched his body for me...one of his fringed Sabbath shirts or something. that would be sexy as hell, something i could sleep with. a gold single in a glass box - something for display surely but hardly cuddle worth.
  • May have good news for you, just came across a friend needing to move and down size. Original artwork signed "Blizzard of Ozz" Vintage Vinyl and awesome condition!!
  • hi ozzy ! My name is Oscar and I am a 17 year old guy who has loved your music since I was a kid! I write to you and hope you are reading these ! all my life so it's been a dream to meet you. I tried to get money when you were in Stockholm so I kunnde buy vip passes to meet you but I had unfortunately not afford! would mean so much just for me if you could answer and meet me in the summer when you are at sweeden rock! would mean so much for me right now when I have a hard time ! I live in a home treatment for addiction to drugs then my entire life serkulera around you! but right now, I have been drug free for 90 days ! composite know I should not TELL you aboute of my holl life haha !! but please ask you to both the god o devil that you want to meet me ! in like 5 minutes! would be extremely taksamt because I'm a big fan of you and I love you . / / Oscar Fredrik Gunnarsson mobile number - 0738552277
    please please ! I beg you!
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