Birmingham book signing !!

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anyone at the birmingham book signing event?? any pics or videos, lets try and swap some ...


  • gimpnoidgimpnoid Posts: 9,142
    lock n load,,try finding andy in the off topic area

  • Yeah I was there, sadly I forgot to take my camera as I was rushing out the door, but someone I met in the que took a few for me and is gonna send me 'em. I'll share whatever I get.
    Great day, but a bloody long one

    No Rest For The Wicked

  • We had a great time at the book signing, met some great people, my sister got a kiss off Ozzy and he signed her school shirt! He's a legend!
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    yes he is a legend


  • wow, very cool - your sister has the luck of the legendary then. i'd not be washing that shirt EVER, it'd be the armpits drycleaned, then into a frame for life for that shirt!
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    Time for a brew, I think.
    How about a MANCHESTER (UK - not U (fookin) S of A) book signing? Get your hairy butt up here!!

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    The que was huge and I never got to meet and greet but Hey I met some nice folk, and managed to use my camcorda. A few lucky oznoids have the LD edit, and my rough footage! May be I will put it on youtube?

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  • Andy JAndy J Posts: 2,654
    Yep I was there near the back of the que! So yep I took some video, and the clowns on security kept saying no filming!
    I meta chap who had a mate who saw Ozzy and Tony in a pub eating (very up market pub) as it happens not far from Tony's home!
    I bought 6 copies and ended up with 6 signed stickers! So the four that went out and about, down under and to US. I know that the down under parcels were warmly welcomed from the heart! Turns out the US one, I may well have been sucked in and BLOWN OUT by someone very ungreatful!
    Hey Ho got the video somewhere, plus a friend cut it and put a sound track on it! NOW that is what TRUE friends are for!
    So I hope that everry aleged fan who did/did not geta signed copy signed the causes petetion to get Ozzy Knighted! Failing that, why were you there?
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